We developed the Pembina Area Class I & II Oilfield Landfills with environmental and social considerations in mind. They were designed and built with best-in-class engineering practices to ensure the continued safety of those on site and of the surrounding environment. The containment design substantially exceeds regulatory requirements for the types of wastes accepted for disposal. The landfills feature a composite liner and leachate collection system, which is complemented by excellent natural hydrogeologic conditions at the site.

SECURE's Class II landfills are approved to accept non-hazardous industrial waste that meets acceptance criteria.

Click Here to Download the SECURE Application Form.
The waste generator or waste generator representative is to complete the SECURE Application Form (SAF) before bringing product to a SECURE facility. The completed application will be returned by fax or email to the appropriate SECURE facility, along with the representative analytical data from an accredited lab. Ensure the SAF is complete, signed, dated and all supporting analytical documents are included. If you are having issues downloading the form, please try again with Internet Explorer.

NORM Disposal

Pembina is Alberta’s only AEP approved Class I landfill for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) disposal, accepting up to 70 Bq/g and is located just outside of Drayton Valley, Alberta. With on-site NORM radiation safety officers and trained NORM technicians, our customers can feel secure in letting us handle their waste and liabilities. We provide all radiological support and have the capability to handle all necessary radiological testing, waste characterization and transport.

What is NORM?
• Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is material found in the environment that contains radioactive elements of natural origin.
• In the oil and gas industry, the main source of NORM is radium coming to the surface in produced water streams.
Where can you dispose of NORM?
• SECURE Energy Services Pembina Class I Landfill, located 24 km northwest of Drayton Valley, Alberta.
How is NORM regulated?
• The handling and disposal of NORM within Canada is regulated by the provincial and territorial governments.
• The transport, import and export of NORM must follow Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulations.
How is NORM detected?
• A NORM screening survey using sensitive radiation detectors is the only way to know if your facilities and equipment are NORM impacted.
• It is recommended that a certified NORM Technician be utilized to perform gamma surveys, which are quick and inexpensive to complete.
Do we accept NORM from out of province?
• Yes
What forms of NORM are accepted?
• We can accept the full range of NORM impacted solids including filters, tank bottoms, soils, pigging waste, PPE, demolition waste, and non-usable / non-recyclable equipment.
Approval #: 
Hours of Operation: 
7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Phone Number: 
877 576 6768
Fax Number: 
888 562 7704
STARS Registration #: 
Mailing Address: 
Box 6478, Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1R9

Directions to PAL from Drayton Valley:

  • Proceed north 7 km from Drayton Valley on Hwy 22 to SR 621
  • Proceed west on SR 621 to Cynthia, then north 6 km on SR 753
  • Proceed west 7 km, then south 2.5 km to the stop sign
  • Proceed west 4 km to the stop sign, then north 1 km to PAL entrance

Directions to PAL from Edmonton:

  • Proceed west of Edmonton on Hwy 16 or 16A to SR 753
  • Proceed south 32 km on SR 753
  • Proceed west 7 km, then south 2.5 km to the stop sign
  • Proceed west 4 km to the stop sign, then north 1 km to PAL entrance
Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Richard Carter 780 728 6935

Manager – Matt Taylor 780 898 1278

Administrators – Carol Dietz & Jennifer Kos 877 785 8501

NORM Sales Contact - Tab Cuthill, VP NORM Services & Waste Management, P.Eng., RSO 855 359 2357

Area Marketer: 

Wesley Efird 780 542 1234